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Fix Missing Teeth With Tooth Replacement in Woodstock

Is your broken tooth making you conscious of the way you smile? Whatever the reason your tooth is gone, you may need to consider substituting it. At Dr. Ken Craven’s office, our staff will be more than happy to work with you to ensure you receive quality and reliable tooth replacement in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. We offer superior quality dental implants, bridges and dentures. All our dental bridges and implants are manufactured and customized to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Our tooth replacements are durable and can last you a lifetime with good care. For more information or to book an appointment with Dr. Ken Craven, please get in touch with us.

Replace Missing Teeth in Woodstock

At the office of Dr. Ken Craven, you can replace missing teeth with:

Have you lost your teeth due to an accident, gum disease or cavities? Dental implants can be perfect for you. Implants are an ideal alternative for bridges and dentures. A dental implant is a surgical fixture put into the jawbone and left to fuse with the bone over a few months. Our dental implant looks like a normal tooth and helps make eating and speaking easier, among other things.
Loss of teeth can make your facial muscles sag. It also negatively impacts your confidence and makes daily activities such as speaking uncomfortable. We offer dentures that are manufactured using quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques.
A dental bridge is a dental fixture intended to span many teeth in a row, anchoring itself for stability. Dental bridges are usually secured through dental implants or a system similar to a dental crown. These are available in a variety of materials based on your condition and personal choice.

Tooth Replacement Options

Dr. Ken Craven can help you select from several options to replace your missing teeth.

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