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Treat Tooth Infections With Root Canal Treatment in Woodstock

Endodontics is the area of dentistry related to the health of the pulp. If you're experiencing toothache caused by infection or damage to a tooth's pulp, the staff at the office of Dr. Ken Craven will likely recommend root canal therapy. We perform root canal treatment in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. 

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is undertaken as a last resort to restore and save your decaying teeth. The therapy will help you curtail the spread of infection and improve your overall oral health. For more details or advice regarding root canal treatment in Woodstock, contact us now

Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

Toothache when drinking hot or cold liquids or foods
Sensitivity to tapping or pressure on the tooth
Radiating pain from one area of the mouth to another
Chipped or cracked teeth
Swollen painful gums
Deep decay or darkened gums

Regular professional examination and cleaning can control the presence and extent of tooth decay, and reduce your chance of requiring a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment Process

The process involves thorough cleaning and disinfection of the infected area. After this, the root canals are filled with special materials and sealed with a filling. The dentist may recommend that you give your tooth a few days to heal. After the healing period, a crown is fixed above the treated area. This crown is designed to offer strength to your tooth and also makes it appear natural.

Get a Root Canal Treatment

After a root canal treatment, your tooth will be restored to look, feel and work as much like a natural tooth as possible.

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