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Trusted for Complete Dental Care in Woodstock

Unhealthy gums and poor oral hygiene can lead to serious health issues, such as loss of bones, cardiovascular diseases, among others. At the office of Dr. Ken Craven, we offer complete dental care in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. Our general and cosmetic dental care services are an easy and affordable way of keeping your teeth clean and gums healthy. Your cleaning and examination appointment will include:

Removal of calculus (tartar)
Removal of plaque
Teeth polishing

We will also demonstrate brushing and flossing techniques to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy between dental visits. For complete dental care in Woodstock and the surrounding areas, trust Dr. Ken Craven.

Preventive Dental Care in Woodstock

A preventive program helps limit the onset, progress and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions. The preventive dental care at Dr. Ken Craven’s office includes regular dental exams, cleanings and dental x-rays. We’ll look for any abnormalities during the examination and feel the face, glands and neck for unusual bumps. If any abnormalities, lesions or lumps are apparent, we will implement a diagnostic impression and treatment plan accordingly.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are looking for reliable and quality cosmetic dentistry solutions in Woodstock, look no further than Dr. Ken Craven. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services, including veneers, smile correction, cosmetic bonding, and much more. Our treatments will help you enhance your appearance and smile with confidence. The cosmetic dental treatments can:

Improve bites
Fill in spaces between teeth
Replace missing teeth
Lighten the colour of teeth
Change the size and shape of teeth
Repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth

Teeth Whitening Services

The team at the office of Dr. Ken Craven understands that your teeth may turn yellow over time and look unsightly. Excessive coffee, smoking and coloured food may stain your teeth. But don’t worry! We offer quality teeth whitening services in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. Before we proceed with the teeth whitening process, our team will thoroughly examine your teeth to identify if you have any cavities, gum disease, etc.

Comprehensive Dental Care

If you are interested in any services that help you improve your teeth’s condition, we’re here for you.

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